Northern Lights in Uppsala, Sweden

Here is timelapse from the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) that were on display unusually far south at September 12, 2014. This occurred because of a larger solar flare on the sun which caused the geomagnetic storm to travel further from the north. Thanks to the facebook page Norrsken I could keep myself updated on the forecast.

I’m sorry for the short sequences in the video but my lens kept fogging up because of the dew and the fog. I’ve increased the length of each sequence by 400% using Time Stretch and CC Wide Time in After Effects. The shortest sequence is only 16 frames (!!) and the longest is 75 frames, so it’s as good as it gets unfortunately.

Equipment and settings: Tripod, Sony A7, Samyang 14mm/f2.8 @2.8, 25 second shutter, ISO 2500 and 4000 depending on the moon light.

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